Happy Dystopia

Future Primitive – An Archeological Museum


Silence Movements

Antik Modern

Photography, Fine Arts Print 50x60cm, 2017 Fundamental questions of anthropology and ethnology, as well as the socio-political discourse of subsequent epochs, were the people who lived in ancient Greece actually as “beautiful” as those statues ...


Prologue, Fiberglass, 2016

New Species

Crochet, Variable Sizes, 2016

Imaginary Fossils

Soap Base, Human Hair, 2015-2016

Angry Deer

porcelain, smoke,2015

Animal Furniture

Motor, Animal Hair and Wood, 2014 My work concentrates on the role of the animal in a human dominated world. The work examines, how animals are represented in the so-called creative or cultural economy. This ...

Forms of Protest

PROTEST! Performance at Periscope Gallery, Salzburg 45 min. performance  

Clean My Soul

Video installation, 2:16 min., 2013. The video is one shot and one angel image. A dog licks non-stop the face of lady 2.17 minutes long. It is between kind of disturbance and sweetness and crash ...

Shaping DNA

Human hair, paper, various sizes, 2013-2016              



Video installation, 1:53 min., 2010. There have been many people who have changed world history. They’ve stopped time, fast forwarding and deforming it. By time, many phenomenon and ideology gave their places to names and symbols ...

Ministry of Truth

Motors, robes, electronic parts, shoes, 2011   Moving shoes consist of quite big 50 number very arrogant a couple shoes with mechanical system. They are hold from the top ceiling with very thin rope and ...


Performance video, 2:28 min., 2011. I moulded a portrait of the Turkish Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan with food and my performers began to eat him. His voice was used for the beginning of the video. ...

Derby Girls

Photography, Fine Arts Digital Print, mounted on Alu-Dibond, 2010

Magic Sweeper

It has a metal construction inside which perfectly covers the motor and computer parts. The outer surface looks like a real broom. It can move 20 cm forward and backward by itself. This project is ...