• Silence Movements

  • Clean My Soul

    Video installation, 2:16 min., 2013.

    The video is one shot and one angel image. A dog licks non-stop the face of lady 2.17 minutes long. It is between kind of disturbance and sweetness and crash the hierarchical borders of animal instinct.

    Collections Pilot Gallery Collection, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014 Arter Collection, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014 Mudo Private Collection, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014
  • Lenin

    Video installation, 1:53 min., 2010. There have been many people who have changed world history. They've stopped time, fast forwarding and deforming it. By time, many phenomenon and ideology gave their places to names and symbols while losing their importance and value. I was lucky to be in East Germany where I found a Lenin statue near a Russian Casern near Weimar. This statue was clean and re- polished although the buildings nearby were demolished and torn apart. I knit a nearly 4 meter long rug with phosphorous colors and decided to cover the statue with it. There is an ideological illusion that remains.
  • One-Course-Menu

    Performance video, 2:28 min., 2011. I moulded a portrait of the Turkish Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan with food and my performers began to eat him. His voice was used for the beginning of the video. He complains about demonstrators for the resistance in Taksim Gezi Park. I edited the words from his speech, put various parts together and the final result sounds obscure and nonsensical.